What is Phrontisterion Online?

This site was create at the same time as the Phrontisterion webinars (see What is Phrontisterion?). The group decided to discontinue the monthly presentations and use this site instead for discussions about interactive storytelling at our last webinar, Why Has Phrontisterion Failed?

Sadly, the community never got going so I’ve re-purposed this site as my own personal place for thinking and writing about the past, present, and future of this new medium. My focus is on Chris Crawford’s verb-centric, process-oriented approach (see Erasmatron and Storytron) but I’m not limiting myself to just that.

Post on this site fall into one of the following categories:

  • History – Past efforts at interactive storytelling
  • Design – Conceptual-level discussions of interactive storytelling
  • Tools – Development environments and engines for interactive storytelling
  • Techniques – Algorithms and data structures for interactive storytelling
  • General – Posts about interactive storytelling that don’t fit into the above categories
  • Works – Comments and analysis of actual storyworlds

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