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It’s Been Awhile

We had a nice mention on Emily Short’s blog back on September 23rd. And speaking of off-site reading, it’s probably a good time to remind people about the Phrontisterion blog, which has a fair amount to say about IF despite not … Continue reading

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Limitations of interactive storytelling

I received an email from Stede Troisi that raises an interesting point. He posted the same message on the forum, but no response has appeared as yet, and I think his point deserves some contemplation. He asks, “Is interactive storytelling … Continue reading

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Let’s Play House

What is interactive storytelling and what are we really trying to accomplish? Suppose a small group of children gather and “play house.” They are engaging in interactive storytelling. Each child is a character in the story and there’s no script … Continue reading

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Open Sourcing the Siboot Face Editor

Back in January I posted something on my website about a facial expression editor that I had built for Erasmatron back in 1997: I published a brief comment on Gamasutra announcing my willingness to lead a team to make this technology available … Continue reading

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Wanted: One Paradigm Shift – Pt. 1

The term “paradigm shift” was first coined by Thomas Kuhn in his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. In it he described the method by which science conducts its “business.” Think in terms of a hierarchy of ideas. At the … Continue reading

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