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Limitations of interactive storytelling

I received an email from Stede Troisi that raises an interesting point. He posted the same message on the forum, but no response has appeared as yet, and I think his point deserves some contemplation. He asks, “Is interactive storytelling … Continue reading

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Open Sourcing the Siboot Face Editor

Back in January I posted something on my website about a facial expression editor that I had built for Erasmatron back in 1997: I published a brief comment on Gamasutra announcing my willingness to lead a team to make this technology available … Continue reading

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Wanted: One Paradigm Shift – Pt. 1

The term “paradigm shift” was first coined by Thomas Kuhn in his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. In it he described the method by which science conducts its “business.” Think in terms of a hierarchy of ideas. At the … Continue reading

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Siboot Face Technology

This meeting was devoted to a presentation of the face technology that I (Chris Crawford) have been developing in partnership with Alvaro Gonzalez. This is a simple technology that allows an author to apply any of a group of defined … Continue reading

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Ever, Jane

Judy Tyrer highlighted today’s meeting with an excellent presentation on her project, “Ever, Jane”. This is an MMO that emphasizes social interaction. Based on the novels of Jane Austen, it looks to me as if this thing really could bust … Continue reading

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Siboot SympolTalk

Dan Fabulich started us off with a brief description of the game that his company will be releasing on Friday. The player is a lawyer in a strange world of “demonic law”. Dan expressed some pride in the quality of … Continue reading

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Emily Short on Versu

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