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It’s Been Awhile

We had a nice mention on Emily Short’s blog back on September 23rd. And speaking of off-site reading, it’s probably a good time to remind people about the Phrontisterion blog, which has a fair amount to say about IF despite not … Continue reading

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What Works Work?

The Works section in the sidebar to the right contains a list of some of the early experiments in interactive storytelling. But it can’t be complete. So what’s missing? Is there a particular piece of interactive fiction that deserves a … Continue reading

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“Roger, liftoff, and the clock has started”

However you categorize it, the first sub-orbital flight of Siboot is a milestone.

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Versu Relaunched

Back in February of 2014 Emily Short announced that Linden Labs was no longer supporting Versu. The future of this interactive storytelling tool looked grim. Yesterday, Emily announced on the new Versu site that she and the other creators of … Continue reading

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Nothing For Dinner

This month’s topic was presented by Nicolas Szilas in Switzerland, on his IDtension interactive narrative system and its Nothing for Dinner demonstration project. The video below, Nothing for Dinner, demonstrates features of the system in a simple dramatic scene. Rather than … Continue reading

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